What’s My IP Address?

Your private information is exposed

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What’s My IP?

Every Internet user has wondered, “What is my IP address from time to time?” They may not even know that the initials stand for Internet protocol or the fascinating history behind its invention. The modern World Wide Web user does not need to know that the network the Web uses was developed during the Cold War or that its purpose was to offer a decentralised information source in case of a nuclear attack. No, the modern average user needs to know how much data he puts out over the public networks. He needs to keep as much of his data private as he can. If a computer user does not have the proper tools, he may give away private information without intending to do so.

VPN features include:


  • Online identity protection with an anonymous VPN IP.
  • Encrypted online security that monitors all Internet traffic with proven best results.
  • Complete “uncensored” access for family and friends.
  • No geographic restrictions; while traveling worry free with a true PIA that unblocks websites and protects the user.
  • High-tech encryption to stop eavesdroppers and keep users safe even while using WiFi and other Internet connections.

Fighting hackers with VPN:


At the end of the day it’s the website owner who must decide if he or she needs VPN to help safeguard one’s personal data online. While there are many positive reasons to trust the Internet as it is today, there are clear and present dangers out there in cyberspace that most site owners are not aware of. In turn, a virtual private network is viewed as the next best thing in this war to safeguard personal data online.

Dangers of not using VPN


Your IP address can be seen by the public
Your data can be analysed by your ISP
Your data can be logged
Marketers aggressively target your computer

Benefits of using VPN


Hide your IP Address
PIA encrypts your data securely
No logging. Period.
Gain unrestricted access to the internet

VPN A Must For Users


At a time when peace of mind is the watchword for true private Internet access it is good to know that virtual private network (VPN) services exist. In fact, a longtime information technology (IT) professionals says he always asks clients what is VPN, why you need VPN and why chose the best VPN because he says “it’s vital” to have Internet security in this uncertain time. The IT also commented online about ongoing security breaches on the Net that can be prevented if users use a VPN across a growing “public network” that is today’s cyberspace realm on the Internet.

VPN protection offered


While it’s one thing to think one is safe and secure online, it’s another thing entirely when using a VPN. This is the view of many Internet security experts who view this VPN peace of mind protection as just good common sense. While there are many online websites featuring VPN, the experts say not all services are alike. For instance, they claim that some offer a secure VPN account with encrypted WiFi and P2P and VolP support; while others do not. The view is to have one’s private or business website fully loaded with the best VPN features available.

Get VPN Protection now

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