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VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, which is an application that guarantees your anonymity when you are surfing the internet. This is a vpn unlimited review.

With unlimited VPN, you can have unlimited internet access any WIFI including that of corporate, hotels, among others without being noticed. It provides you with the much-needed security wherever you are surfing. This application is operated by a software company called KeepSolid which is based in the US.


vpn unlimited review


Unlimited USA vpn can be used in a wide variety of devices such as Android, Linux, Mac OS, and Ms Windows. It ensures that you are getting the full bandwidth and fast internet access to all online resources, social networks and different websites and more notably in long distance connections. This feature is one of the things that make is a great app. You can have five different devices using the same unlimited VPN. The unlimited version means that you can be able to access blocked web content or even bypass ISP restrictions which increase the internet speed.

Regarding security, unlimited VPN offers encrypted data that means you are safe from hackers and identity thieves. Different methods of encryption are used to ensure that the highest standard of online security is met. Currently, they use the 256-bit encryption, but the settings do not allow you to choose safety protocols which are a drawback. The application is functional in different countries worldwide. For unlimited VPN, you can get the application for as low as $4 per month which one of the cheapest in the market. To some, this may be a concern for the credibility of the company but there is no substantial evidence to discredit the application yet.


vpn unlimited review

When getting the application things to consider include the number of countries that unlimited VPN can be used and the compatible devices which happen to be a number of gadgets. The bandwidth is unlimited, and something else to consider is the number of servers which is the routers for users. The higher, the better. Unlimited VPN, unfortunately, offers a connection to 39 Countries with its 53 servers concentrated in the U.S and Canada. This is not high thus is only suitable in popular destinations for those who love the internet.

There is the issue of customer support incases of any problems encountered when using the application. Right now the most preferred method for Unlimited VPN users is via e-mail. You can also access their social media pages these are Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Google+. Their FAQ section can also provide you with some information on the application, but overall there is much to be done when looking at the customer support of the company.


This is an easy to install application which will automatically ensure your online security. You just need to download the app which has a very easy setup and simple to use softwares. It has tutorials that will guide you when using the program. The fast speeds are a bonus, and the price is affordable. The major downsides are the servers and the security protocols


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