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iPhones are really useful. The device comes packed with a range of features that can keep you entertained day and night. One such free feature is the pandora internet radio app. All you have to do is download the app onto your phone and you can listen to several US radio channels at a flick of a switch. There is one problem though. The Pandora app is restricted to US users only.

That means international iPhone users cannot access the app and enjoy free US radio services. Another drawback is that Pandora seems to work only inside the geographical US for paid subscribers. That means if you have subscribed to the app and are traveling, say to India, you will be notified that you are no longer in the geographical US and thus will no longer get the service! Now this frustrating but there are ways and means to get around the problem and VPN is the primary solution to the problem.

Setting Up A VPN

What is VPN?
VPN means virtual private network and it masks your real location while you are online. When you log on to the internet, your system is logged on by registering its IP or Internet Protocol address online. This number carries information about your location and it is used by other computers online to track your movement through the internet. As your IP address gives away your location online, geo-specific websites use this information to block access to their content. As a result, websites like Pandora will know you are not in the US and they automatically prevent you from accessing their services. By using VPN, you can mask your location and content on any website anywhere in the world.

How Does This Happen?
The process is complicated but here is how it works in simple language. If you are in India, all you have to do is connect first to a VPN service. This service will mask your real IP and provide you a virtual IP. You can choose the IP you want or the VPN service will randomly assign an IP to you depending on your requirements. After acquiring the new IP, your traffic is then forwarded to your destination website. In short, the VPN service acts as a middleman to facilitate the transaction.

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Types of VPNs: Free vs. Paid
You can find free and paid pandora internet radio vpn options online. Both options are quite good. As you already know, paid VPN services are faster. Moreover, you will be offered other freebies and a larger list of IP addresses to choose from when you take on a paid VPN service. On the other hand, free services are quite good as well. Some options require you to download the software while others can be installed on browsers for quick access. You should know that installing VPN on your smartphone or tablet may be a little complicated. We do recommend that you check each version before you opt for it.

Best VPNs online
We cannot really recommend any particular VPN for your country. This is because you may need separate VPN connections if you are moving around in different countries. For example, if you want to see Doctor WHO on BBC, you will have to disconnect from a US VPN and reconnect to a UK VPN. As a result, we’ve listed the top VPN providers here and listed their pros and cons as well. Read through our list, read a few reviews and then make an informed decision.

HideMyAss — This is probably the most popular VPN service online and it is available as a browser extension and a paid tool. The company is renowned for its cutting-edge VPN technology and it is considered one of the fastest systems online. However, users have reported slow connections, frequent disconnections, and other problems even with this industry titan.
IPVanish — This is another upcoming but quite popular service. The company mainly offers a paid service at $5 per month. The connections are fast and $4 is good value. Users have reported some of the fastest connections in North American with very low downtimes. The company also manages its own network making it very reliable and stable.
• OverPlay — We like this service as well. At a slightly expensive $4-6 per month, OverPlay offers slightly better client software with fast connections and full VPN protection. The company also offers the much-more secure DNS services for users from anywhere in the world. Users taking the $6.25 package are automatically offered the DNS service for free.
• Total VPN — This Company offers free as well as paid services for users. They have custom apps and custom software for users that is really a pleasure to use. Apart from the software, the company offers a money-back guarantee in case you are dissatisfied with service.
ExpressVPN — This Company manages a sizeable network in the work and they are well-known for their super-fast connections and reliable services. You can click and choose server locations and the software manages the rest. There are no free trial versions but you do get a money-back guarantee from them in case you do not want the service.

So there you have it. With a few simple hacks, you can get the best vpn pandora internet radio services no matter where you are in the world. If you don’t already have Pandora on your systems, make sure you download it right away and configure your systems with VPN correctly to enjoy free music no matter where you are.

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