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Opera. Opera 40 is the very first browser to have an integrated VPN that is free and unlimited – no subscriptions, no sign-ins, and no extra downloads. You have the option when to turn the VPN browser on and off, and whether you want it to protect everything or those in the private windows only. And it only secures traffic through Opera, not with other browsers or apps in your device.

If your charger is unplugged, the VPN browser will automatically switch to power saving mode. You can also change your battery saving settings to the threshold for when the power saving mode should be enabled. Plus, there is a battery capacity indicator so you can keep track of your battery usage.

The VPN browser hides your IP address and replaces it with a virtual IP, a type of IP address that is assigned to multiple domains or servers which will make it difficult for anyone to track you. It also blocks tracking cookies which can locate and identify your computer once you enable them on your browser. Your traffic is also secured even when you are surfing using public Wi-Fi, which shields your activity from people who want to snoop in.


Cyberghost. Cyberghost is a great choice if you want a VPN browser service which does not have a speed limitation. It’s extremely suitable for streaming and downloading since they don’t limit your bandwidth. However, you can only use one device for the free version, whereas the paid version allows up to five devices.

Using a built-in VPN browser is convenient because it will automatically run every time you open your browser. Some users have noticed that connection speeds falter between different servers. This isn’t too much of a problem since Cyberghost allows you to choose from 197 servers – that definitely gives you plenty of choices.

Cyberghost’s encryption is also secure, plus they have features such as auto internet kill switch, server-hosted firewalls, and DNS leak protection. Using Cyberghost built-in VPN browser will definitely ensure you your online safety and anonymity. Without a VPN, your IP address is visible to anyone, and that means that your personal information can easily be obtained, or worse, stolen. Everything that you do online will also be visible, including the websites you visit, your emails, and the media that you download. Using as your VPN browser will protect you by creating an encrypted tunnel that secures all of your traffic, so anybody who’ll try to track you will only see the anonymous IP address that you are temporarily assigned.’s browser VPN is also compatible for any of your device. No matter what device you are using, is able to protect your data since it has an app for every kind of device and operating system. Whether you are using Windows, Mac, or Linux, or surfing through your Android or iOS device, you can still stay safe and secure through their easy-to-use apps. keeps absolutely no logs to avoid legal liabilities. They do not monitor your activities since all the data usage they receive are purely anonymous, and there are no log files in the VPN servers. Since they do not hold any record that could be traced back to you, you can rest assured that your browsing behavior using your browser VPN is completely unknown.

Total VPN. Most users are wary of using free VPN browser services due to issues concerning the record of activity logs. But if you are not a complete security-phobic user and want a free VPN browser that is fast and easy to use, then you should definitely try TotalVPN.

Its interface and overall service is clean and simple, plus the sign-up is also smooth and easy. It is also compatible with most operating systems like Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.  They even allow you to connect up to three devices, unlike other VPN browser services which only allow one device per subscription,

As with most free VPN browser services, the only downside with this is the speed limitation which makes streaming HD movies or downloading heavy files a bit difficult. All in all, TotalVPN is a good choice if you’re looking for a free VPN browser service.


TunnelBear. Don’t let the cute interface and the fuzzy bears mislead you – TunnelBear has one of the best security features among all the free VPN browser services. Their strong 256-bit encryption, automatic blocking in the event of a disrupted connection, and prevention of VPN blocking make it one of the most favored VPN browser services by internet users.

Unlike other free services, TunnelBear promises not to keep any of their customer’s activity logs. You can never be too sure, of course, so it’s better to lay down the ultra-sensitive web activities if you are planning on using TunnelBear’s free VPN browser services.

The only downside with this service is their monthly cap on internet usage – they only allow up to 500 MB per month. However, there are ways in which you can earn more usage like tweeting and sharing TunnelBear.


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