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The connected world online is the most convenient, but certainly not secure. Everything you do online can possibly be snooped at by a stranger. You’d not notice the eavesdropping and also not know what these unknown people like and why they’re looking at your stuff. It therefore makes sense to use a VPN service to safeguard your online identity and shield your privacy. If you’ve never used a VPN before, you’ll likely have a tough time deciphering the best VPN services from the average Joes, particularly if you are not diving into the premium space.

What is VPN?

You know what a VPN is if you have used special software in the past to access your workplace network from a remote location. VPN makes an encrypted link between the VPN server of your firm and your computer, ensuring all the network activity passes through this protected tunnel. This means your online activities are safe and stay anonymous even if you’re on Wi-Fi at the airport. Consider VPN services as tunnels for the entire Internet, and not just the network of a particular company.

Reasons You Need a VPN

Primarily, as aforementioned, a VPN bolsters your online security. It also accesses a specific network’s resources, which you aren’t connected to physically. People use VPN for multiple reasons. Generally, VPN users can be categorized as:

• Student/Employee

Usually, this individual has specific responsibilities to take care of, and therefore resorts to a VPN offered by the educational institution or office for accessing network-specific resources when traveling or at home. In most scenarios, the person is already using a free VPN service. The individual is therefore unlikely to shop around for a new VPN.

• Downloader

Legal or illegal downloads, this individual doesn’t want his torrenting activities to be detected by a witch-hunting firm. VPNs provide the maximum safety when using software such as BitTorrent. In fact, everything else is fake or doesn’t provide any security.

• Globetrotter

This individual is keen on watching live sports, without having to put up with crummy local networks. Or he’d like to watch his favorite TV programs as they happen, and not wait for rebroadcasts or translations.

Picking a VPN Service

VPN services can be available for free or in premium formats. Generally, paid services offer advanced features and better performance. However, there are multiple free services that aren’t slouches. The toughest part is decoding the fancy marketing jargons companies use to fish in new customers. It’s safe to assume that paid service firms won’t offer a sub-par service and risk their brand and financial reputation. In case of free services, it’s recommended to check if the company provides a premium version also and if it’s offering other pro-privacy tools.

Free services typically are usually hindered by restricted bandwidth or adverts. Some firms provide an ad-supported, free variant of the premium software. Other firms may monthly cap the network bandwidth; heavy users would likely get locked out midway in a month. Some companies may let you know in advance P2P activities like BitTorrent usage isn’t allowed. Some may even cancel accounts if any such usage is suspected while on the network.

Performance is a major criteria when picking a VPN service, particularly when considering free tools. Several companies provide slower servers with their free services when compared to the premium competition. There could also be restrictions on total servers available or the actual server location. Different free VPN services may have their own variations. It’s therefore recommended to test out multiple services and determine which one’s the easy VPN to use.

Best Free VPNs

• CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhost VPN may have a more Europe-centric approach, but it performs its job well without a major performance drop and with minimal ads. With a professional-looking user interface and good server selection, CyberGhost VPN is quite possibly your ideal free VPN service.

• VPNBook

A no-frills service, VPNBook focuses on getting the job done. It safeguards information when hooked up to a WiFi hotspot, anonymizes the connection to detour sensors, and changes location to access websites specific to regions. The performance is robust and advanced features are rarely missed.

• Hotspot VPN

Hotspot Shield Elite’s free VPN service doesn’t compromise on performance as much as other VPN service providers do. The VPN is affordable, easy to use, and secures all traffic from a computer.

proXPN 2.5.0

The proXPN VPN service renders it convenient for users to benefit from its VPN technology, for surfing online securely and privately. It brings along fresh features that competitors are yet to offer. However, the implementation may feel half-baked at times. Moreover, the user documentation isn’t the most helpful.


HideIPVPN provides a route to encrypt and secure your online traffic in an affordable and easy-to-use manner for amateur users. Though offering multiple features, some backend improvements are needed to make the VPN the best in the business.


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