Why You Should Use A VPN Right Now



The internet has become a major part of our lives, and it seems like we’re only half a person whenever we’re not connected to it. Almost all of our daily activities consist of using the internet: checking e-mails for work, purchasing goods at online stores, banking transactions, and so much more. One of the ways to optimize your web usage is to use a VPN.

You might think that web proxies and a software that hides IP addresses are better, but using a VPN whether at work or at home has many other advantages. So if you find yourself asking “Why do I need a VPN?” read on below.


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VPN in A Nutshell


            A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a group of computers which are networked together through the internet. It provides the users a secure private connection even if they are remote and not physically on the same local area network (LAN). The data that you’re sending and receiving are encrypted to make sure that nobody can intercept it and use it fraudulently.

Using a VPN has many advantages aside from securing your data. VPNs are fast and reliable – you can access it any time you want even if you’re in a remote location. The bandwidth and network efficiency are also improved with a VPN solution. You can also browse the web in complete anonymity, and the maintenance cost for a VPN network is considerably low.


Why Use A VPN?

  1. It ensures your security. Whether you’re a businessman who wants to keep your data safe from intruders, or just simply an employee who wants to protect your online accounts, a VPN encrypts your data so that anyone who tries to intercept it won’t be able to read it.


Whenever you connect to an untrusted network, such as a coffee shop’s Wi-Fi, you’re putting your data in a potential danger. This means that checking your email, typing in your bank account details, or logging in to your social media accounts could put you at risk for hacking and identity theft. Using a VPN secures all the information that you enter from your devices to keep it away from prying eyes.


  1. It enables you to access resources anywhere. Some users might think twice about why they should use a VPN. VPNs are extremely beneficial to students, employers, and their employees. A VPN connects remote computers together through the internet, providing a reliable way of sharing information and resources even when the computers are extremely far from each other.


Using a VPN helps you become more productive because you can take your work with you wherever you go. Whether you’re traveling to another country or simply staying at home, you can access resources anywhere you are at any time you want.


  1. It helps you save money and time. If you’re employed and your office is too far from your home, using a VPN can actually help you save money and time from traveling to work every day. The time you spend on traveling can be allocated to other important activities – another productivity tip.


Using VPN for work is very convenient for you because you can communicate with your colleagues and do your tasks at the comfort of your own home. Many businesses have been using VPNs in their virtual workplaces because of its convenience, practicality, and security advantages.


  1. It lets you download online safely. Many people use a VPN when downloading from BitTorrent to protect themselves from charges against illegal downloading. Some users also use a VPN even if they are legally downloading, to hide their usage and to keep hackers from snooping in on their downloaded files.

While using a VPN may hide your usage, be sure that the service you’re using is reliable. Some VPN services will keep logs off all your activity, then sell it to those who will ask for it. Others will log in your usage and make it available to anyone else, so it’s best to do your research on which VPN services take their user’s privacy seriously. Always read their privacy policy first, and make sure that they don’t keep logs.


  1. It bypasses geo-restrictions. You’ve most likely experienced the agony of wanting to watch the coverage of your favorite football game or foreign TV show in real time, then having to watch the replay or another country’s version of the show because it is location-restricted. This is one of the reasons why many users resort to using a VPN.


The VPN bypasses country restrictions which allows you to watch TV shows as they air or download apps which are otherwise unavailable in your location. To do this, the VPN bluffs your IP address – including the apps on your computer and phone – which changes your location. This makes downloading and streaming more convenient for users around the globe.

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