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Avid movie and TV series fans know the pain of wanting to watch their favorite shows on Netflix that aren’t available in their country. Some users are also complaining about the lack of decent movies and TV series in their media libraries. VPN services are always the best option for unblocking Netflix and bypassing geo-restrictions, although the entertainment company has been cracking down VPN sites.

Lucky for you, there is still a way around this dilemma that most Netflix subscribers are experiencing. You don’t have to move to another country just to be able to enjoy the videos of your choice – you just have to have the perfect VPN service that can unblock Netflix.

What Are Geo-Restricted Contents


Netflix purchases licenses on the movies and TV shows that are added to their media library, and some of these licenses are only available for certain countries. These geo-restricted contents cannot be accessed by users who are not (or whose IP addresses are not) located in the specified countries. Some countries cannot even access Netflix itself, either because it is not available in their location or their government has banned entertainment sites.

One way of bypassing geo-restrictions and censorships is through a VPN service: it lets you choose a server located in a country that you want to appear in. For example, if your favorite show is not available for viewing in your country, you can choose a server located in the country where it is available. Since VPN services assign a different IP address to you, you will appear as if you are living in that country. Therefore, you can now access the content that you like.


Best VPNs To Unblock Netflix 


VPNArea. VPNArea may be a small provider based in Bulgaria, but is not one to be belittled – it has the features of a large and established VPN service provider (and maybe even more). It can unblock Netflix in your country and uses advanced protocols to make sure that your tracks are covered. It encrypts your data with a 256-bit AES encryption, features an Anti DNS Leak system, and an Anti WebRTC system which prevents hackers and scammers from snooping in on the websites you visit and tracking your location. Additionally, it doesn’t keep user logs so you can watch your favorite movies in peace.

VPNArea has 190 servers in 51 different countries, from Germany all the way to Singapore so you have plenty of choices in location. Its unlimited bandwidth and ‘Users Online’ function, which shows you how many users are connected to a particular sever, lets you choose an unpopulated server and enjoy the fast speed. You can even extend your online protection and connect up to five devices at the same time so you can watch Netflix on your phone or tablet.

ExpressVPN. One of the best reviewed VPN services in the internet because of its top security features and easy to use software which are perfect for the casual internet user, ExpressVPN is another great choice if you want to unblock Netflix. It uses the SSL protocol with 256-bit encryption to ensure your security; they are also constantly improving their network to provide unlimited bandwidth, speed, and server switches so you can watch your favorite TV shows without interruptions. There are also 136 VPN server locations in 87 different countries to choose from, so you have access to various media libraries.

Using ExpressVPN is extremely convenient because it is compatible with most operating systems such as Mac, Windows, Linux, and even Android and iOS. All you have to do is to sign up for a subscription in their website, install the software, and connect to the internet. They have three different plans to choose from, or if you want to try their services first before deciding, they have a 30-day money-back guarantee. Their customer support is can also be reached round-the-clock through live chat or email so your concerns can easily be addressed.

VyprVPN. Unlike some VPN services that use third party servers which slow down connection speeds and weaken your security, VyprVPN owns and manages its VPN servers. This guarantees a fast and secure connection because all the traffic will be directly sent to your computer. Its application is extremely user-friendly and is compatible with most devices like Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android so you can unblock Netflix and watch it on any device you want.

It offers a huge number of server locations, which include 700+ servers in 50+ worldwide locations and 200,000+ global IP addresses. Plus, they have unlimited server switching and no data caps so you can continue to do whatever you want to in the internet without any restrictions.

Aside from those unique features, VyprVPN uses L2TP, PPTP, OpenVPN, and Chameleon protocols, an additional NAT Firewall, and zero-knowledge DNS to make sure that you are truly protected while watching movies and TV shows. They also prevent throttling by encrypting your traffic so your internet service provider (ISP) will be unable to read it, allowing you to enjoy faster and limitless internet speed.

NordVPN. While other VPN services are either overpricing a decent service or sacrificing quality over quantity, NordVPN lets you unblock Netflix while still offering an affordable rate for their services. It uses the DoubleVPN technology, a unique system that encrypts your data twice using military-grade AES-256-CBC encryption. It also uses a DNS Leak resolver in case DNS servers send unencrypted queries outside your server and expose your IP address, including the entertainment sites that you have visited.

With 999 server locations found in 51 countries, NordVPN also gives you options on which types of servers suits your needs and interests. For those who want to stream high-definition videos, you can choose NordVPN servers that are specially handpicked for entertainment purposes. It also prevents throttling by your ISP, which could limit your media sharing. You can download, upload, and stream videos as much as you want, especially because of its easy to use app.

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