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Compared to other countries, the USA enjoys more freedom on internet usage – uncensored internet and constitutional protections against intrusive surveillance. However, Edward Snowden proved this wrong after he revealed global surveillance programs by the National Security Agency with the cooperation of telecommunication companies.

Top VPN Services in the USA


Now that US citizens are aware of the unconstitutional mass surveillance, many are taking a step to protecting their privacy rights. A virtual private network (VPN) is the best way to do so, since it provides a secure and encrypted connection between your computer and the VPN’s server. This way, nobody else but you and your VPN service provider can see what you are up to.


Here are the top VPN services in the USA along with their features.


ExpressVPN. With servers in 87 countries, ExpressVPN is a good choice if you are looking for a balanced range of services. It’s extremely easy to use on Windows, Mac, and Linux, plus it’s compatible with Android and iOS so you can take it with you wherever you go.

Your security is assured because it is SSL secured and 256-bit encrypted, making sure that you have a secure connection and uncensored internet experience. You can also stream movies and download TV shows with its fast speed, and they’re currently working on providing users an unlimited bandwidth.

The only downsides with ExpressVPN is that they keep connection logs (although they do promise that they don’t keep usage logs). It’s also a bit on the pricey side, but they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can decide if this VPN service is what you really want.



BolehVPN. Although it is based in Malaysia, BolehVPN is an excellent VPN service provider for US citizens. They promise unfiltered access to the internet without government censorship, bandwidth shaping, and monitored internet activities.

BolehVPN helps you protect your personal data from being intercepted even when you’re connected in public Wi-Fi hotspots with its 256-bit AES military grade encryption. They don’t keep user logs and they don’t monitor the usage, so it’s a big plus. It also accepts Bitcoin and Dash, supports P2P and has a DNS leak protection, and no bandwidth limits.

However, they only have a limited number of US servers, but there are 13 different locations that you can choose from. All this jam-packed features come at a reasonable price too. Their one month subscription is at 9.99 USD, and their one year subscription costs 79.99 USD.

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Buffered VPN. Based in Hungary, Buffered VPN is best for users outside of US but want to enjoy quality entertainment that are otherwise unavailable in their country – whether it’s video streaming via Netflix, catching up with the latest news at NBC, or watching sports at ESPN.

They offer unlimited speed, bandwidth, and server switching in 31 countries so you have plenty to choose from. They also allow up to five simultaneous connections which is perfect for the techie user who’s always out and about. Plus, they have this unique feature, called a port discovery tool that lets you bypass firewalls and other network restrictions (no more login).

For those who are interested in Buffered VPN, they offer a plan that works for every user’s needs. They have a monthly plan of $12.99, a yearly plan of $8.25 per month, and a bi-annual plan of $9.99 per month.

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Private Internet Access (PIA). PIA is based in the US, so if you’re really avoiding NSA spying, you might want to think twice with this. However, it has a massive network with over 3357 gateways and has servers in 25 countries, plus it has P2P and VoiP support and SOCKS5 Proxy.

PIA’s state of the art security is top-notch, though – a 256-bit AES OpenVPN, SHA-256 hash authentication and 4096-bit RSA handshake, so you’re sure that you really blend in with the crowd. Its features include port forwarding, DNS leak protection, and a VPN kill switch. It also detects the best server for you so you can make the most out of PIA’s services.

It allows you to connect up to five devices, but its Android and Apple reviews aren’t very stellar. Still, it has a fast connection and incredibly affordable plan: $6.95 per month, $39.95 per year, and $35.95 for six months.

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