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We all love Netflix and Hulu. In fact, we cannot imagine how life would have been without these two streaming services. From streaming our favorite TV series to movies, these two services have transformed the home entertainment scene. Though they are important, Netflix and Hulu have regional limitations.

Top 3 Netflix

For instance, Hulu limits its services to the USA and Japan. This means that for people who live in other regions, it is impossible to access their streaming services. This limitation is frustrating. But worry not anymore for there is hope. Some VPN services are working hard to ensure that Hulu or Netflix do not block your VPN. But for these VPN services, things are tough. Hulu and Netflix have state of the art systems that identify and block any IP address that seems to have originated from a VPN. With this issue, it is best that you use the best VPN service. Therefore, the top three Netflix and Hulu VPN 2016 services will be reviewed.
1. Express VPN

Something awesome about Express VPN is that it keeps you browsing completely private. And by private, this means that it is stored and availed on a need to know basis. All you need to do to enjoy their remarkable services is contact them and request to be connected to the servers that are currently connecting to Netflix and Hulu. Express VPN also supports nearly all major operating systems that include Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows. Using the secure OpenVPN protocol, Expressvpn does not store logs, therefore being completely secure. Safe, fast, and secure, be sure to use Express VPN for Netflix Hulu VPN services.
2. Le VPN

Le VPN is just awesome. With servers in over 100 countries, there is a great level of security and speeds for you to enjoy. This VPN service employees the OpenVPN protocol that is known for its unbeatable security. Le VPN also employees the use of SmartDNS (known to be extremely hard to block) and the standard VPN features which are combined to offer fast access to restricted Netflix and Hulu services. Therefore, to access restricted services easily, safely, and securely be sure to get yourself Le VPN.
3. Blackvpn

From P2P sharing, customizable features, and access to restricted sites and services guaranteed, the Hong Kong-based Black VPN service is what you need. This VPN gives you the opportunity to choose and pays for only the services that you require. With flexibility and top-notch security, Blackvpn has grown to be a favorite for many who want unrestricted access to Netflix and Hulu services.
With unrestricted access and security of your personal data, these three services are the best Netflix and Hulu VPN 2016.

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