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We all know what millennials say in response to a question that they do not know the answer to: “Google knows everything.” Although this statement is jokingly said, it is mostly true – Google does know everything, which is why it is the widely-used search engine all over the world. When someone is unsure of something, a few clicks using Google will generate the thousands of answers in just a few seconds.


However, many internet users are threatened by the new law passed by the U.S. senate recently stating that internet service providers (that pertains to telecommunications companies such as Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile) should collect their customers’ data and hand it over to the government when needed. Many people are against this, saying that it is a clear invasion of their privacy.


Using Google will retain all the pages and websites that you visit, and could contain sensitive information about you such as your email, password, messages, and bank account details. And although Google has an Incognito mode, it only prevents the websites you visited from appearing in your History tab; it does not hide them from your internet service provider.


So, what should you do? Stop using Google altogether? Use a different search engine? Definitely not. You can use virtual private networks, or VPN services that work best with Google so you can protect your privacy while browsing the internet. These VPN Google services are top of the line, which means that they are proven and tested by thousands of subscribers all over the world.


The Best VPN Google


HideMyAss! It might have a funny name, but it is drop-dead serious when it comes to keeping your privacy. HideMyAss! is one of the biggest VPN Google services today, having been around since 2005. It was created by then-sixteen-year-old Jack Cator, which was originally a simple web-based proxy. It grew into a Pro VPN service by 2009, and by 2010, it grew into a large VPN service that is used by people all around the world.

It offers different protocols that subscribers can choose from: OpenVPN, PPTP, and L2TP with 256-bit encryption. They also offer OpenVPN-UDP, which makes for a faster and more secure connection. Whenever you are connecting to a public Wi-Fi, the chances of somebody hacking your personal information are extremely high. Using HideMyAss! will ensure your safety in public Wi-Fi connections and will protect your device from malwares, phishing sites, and spam sites.

The internet connection speeds are also impressive – HideMyAss! promises to deliver unlimited bandwidth so subscribers can access more geo-restricted websites and content. Streaming is also very easy with this so you can watch your favorite movies and TV shows even when they’re geo-restricted (just be careful with this one, though; you don’t want to break international laws on media licensing).


PureVPN. PureVPN is one of the VPN services that still take your security very seriously. Probably one of the best VPN Google services that we have reviewed, PureVPN is a Hong Kong-based service providing internet users with security and privacy since 2006.

PureVPN offers the usual protocols plus the newer, more advanced ones: PPTP, L2TP/IPsec, SSTP, OpenVPN, and IKEv2 which also employs the 256-bit military-grade encryption. These security features protect all the user’s data from hackers and snoopers, especially for those who frequently connect to public Wi-Fi hotspots such as those in coffee shops and airports. As an added layer of protection, they also offer NAT Firewall (it blocks unrequested inbound traffic), DDoS protection (defeats the most complex DDoS attacks), and a fool-proof Internet Kill Switch (prevents traffic in and out of the computer when your connection fails).

PureVPN is one of the best VPN Google services that is in the market today – it’s loaded with security features and the application is easy to use. The only downside is that they keep a record of your activity logs, which include the websites you visit, the data transferred between your devices and the servers, the IP addresses you accessed, and the time and duration of your connection and disconnection. A lot of people, if not everyone, do not want to any logs kept, so this is a major downside with PureVPN. Other than that, it is a great VPN Google service. There are plenty of VPN Google services that promise to give you safety and security from criminals around the Web, but only a few really take your privacy seriously, and is one of those. Supporting the latest and most advanced protocols, values each of their user’s privacy – after all, it’s what they primarily do. has particularly handpicked their servers to make sure that they are extremely fast and secure. They have 25+ servers located all around the globe, from Tokyo to Reykjavik so you can freely choose whichever location that you want your IP address to appear in. Plus, all servers are controlled and operated by them which means that there will be no third-party companies to deal with.

Also, without a VPN Google service, your IP address is visible to anyone, and that means that your personal information can easily be obtained, or worse, stolen. Everything that you do online will also be visible, including the websites you visit, your emails, and the media that you download. Using will protect you by creating an encrypted tunnel that secures all of your traffic, so anybody who’ll try to track you will only see the anonymous IP address that you are temporarily assigned. VPN has the latest security protocols and we are impressed. It’s also great that they do not keep any activity logs at all (only a few VPN Google services do this nowadays). The only downside is the pricing plan – it is not that flexible, but you will really get what you are paying for. All in all, is a strongly-recommended VPN Google service to anyone, especially users who are extremely concerned with their privacy and security.


The Best VPN Google

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