Switchvpn Review


Switchvpn, claim to be the fastest and most reliable personal VPN services provider available. That is a bold statement to make and in order to confirm if they actually live up to their claims, we put them to the test. Based in India., Switch count with the latest technology and they are committed to ensure that their customers can surf internet anonymously and securely.


Rating 77 out of 100


Servers and Countries

Switch VPN has servers in in the following 17 countries: Sweden, Russia, Italy, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Netherlands, Romania, Latvia, Canada, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Latvia, Luxemburg and USA. This large variety of locations allow you to surf the net freely and you are guaranteed to find a server close to you, which makes your connection faster. Thanks to this extensive geographical coverage, you can access content from Hulu or Netflix from anywhere in the world.


Switch VPN only supports two protocols: open VPN and PPTP. Open VPN is a very popular option because it allows to use different ports in order to avoid firewalls, as well as throttling. Open VPN offers higher security and it works with DD-WRT. PPTP is also very popular and while Open VPN offers a higher security, PPTP is easier to set up and convenient to use with mobile devices and public WiFi. It also works with DD-WRT.

Supported OS

They support the major desktop OS such as Windows XP, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, Mac OS X 10.5 and higher versions as well as Linux.

Supported Devices

The protocols supported by Switch VPN (particularly PPTP) work well with mobile devices. PPTP is easy to setup on any mobile device, including iPhone, iPad or Android devices. We tried Switch VPN using an iPhone and we were very impressed with the speed.

IP Types

With Switch VPN, you won’t get changeable IP every time. Unfortunately, only their most expensive plan (The Combo Pro at 9.95 per month) gives you the possibility of switching between servers/locations. With the rest of the plans, you would only get access to servers in one country. To make matters worst, this issue is not clarified when you are signing up.


They offer three packages: Lite ($5.95), Advanced ($7.95) and Combo Pro ($9.95 USD). As we mentioned before, the Lite and Advanced packages only give you the possibility of accessing servers in one country. While the prices are affordable, the fact is that there are providers that offer a wider range of features in their basic plans for the same amount of money or even less.

With all plans, You can only connect using one device at a time and you will be charged additionally $1.99 for extra simultaneous connection. Another issue is that their 7 day money back guarantee only covers you in the event that you cannot connect to their service. If you are not satisfied with the speed or the features, you will not get your money back.

Customer Support

Their website is well designed and includes a good amount of information, as well as a decent FAQ section. Most of the relevant topics are covered but we felt that there could be more helpful information. They offer customer support through live chat and ticket system. While we feel that they should include additional contact methods, the chat service was effective and friendly.


Overall, we think that Switch VPN offer a good service and an impressive speed. However, we feel that they are not the best or most affordable provider available as they claim. There are other companies that offer more for a similar or less price and this is why, Switch VPN does not live up to their claim of being the best.


Main Features
  • Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Facebook and Twitter
  • 248-bit strong encryption
  • 24/7/365 SUPPORT
  • OpenVPN, SSTP, L2TP, and PPTP

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