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Secure Sockets Layer Virtual Private Network or SSL VPN is the next generation VPN service. It is similar to traditional VPN services but it has additional capabilities. An encrypted tunnel is used to transmit data in this VPN. Secure Sockets Layer is an advanced encryption and authentication technology that is already present in all latest web browsers. This technology can be used to create a secure online VPN connection over existing Internet protocol. Applications can be accessed securely and remotely through standard web browsers.

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The advantage of this VPN tool is that there is no need to use any special client software at the end user’s computer. The user only needs to have a standard web browser and it is ready for use. Use of 128 bit SSL certification in it ensures secure online data transfer. The web browser is sufficient for this purpose. There is no need to install or maintain any other software on the client side computer. There is no issue of setup and management. It is a straightforward affair that can be completed quickly. The user only needs to have access to a computer, web browser and network. Its system and features can be controlled by the system administrator from anywhere in the world. Depending on specific needs, features like cache cleaning, virtual user environment and endpoint security can be added.

ssl vpn

SSL VPN is useful in accessing systems that have restrictions in place and allow access only to certain IP addresses or subnets. It can be used to allow system access to authorized users with valid IDs and passwords. System administrators have protected and secure access to resources at all times. A user using this service feels like using a local network irrespective of the location from where the server is being accessed. There is better compatibility with client terminal. It provides a reliable remote access to restricted networks.


System administrators can access and manage sensitive information, critical infrastructure and administrative system resources. They can grant other users access to the secure resources. SSL VPN can be used in two ways. The first option is to use a web proxy. In this case, the user accesses resources using a web interface. The user can access online applications and share files. Any computer with a compatible web browser can be used to access this VPN. There is an additional layer of security to protect the contents from malware. The other option is to use a local VPN client. The user needs to download it. It does not require web interface. The advantage of this option is that there is additional connectivity when needed. In place of the web proxy IP address, the user receives a special IP address from a range of valid addresses.

ssl vpn

SSL VPN is not suitable for contents that are accessible to the general public through the Internet. It is mainly to restrict access to resources that must be protected and at the same time be available to authorized users. There are many advantages of using SSL VPN solutions. It is suitable for all types of large, medium and small companies. It lowers the costs associated with desktop support.


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