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Many VPN services claim to care about you and your privacy, but only a very few of them actually want to help you reclaim your privacy online and not just for its profits. Spotflux is one of the VPN services that envisions to provide their users with full access to the internet regardless of their locations while maintaining their security.


This Brooklyn-based VPN service was founded by Chris Naegelin and Dean Mekkawy way back in 2012. From its humble beginnings in a basement in New York, Spotflux has now grown to cater thousands of users with server locations all over the world. Today, Spotflux is one of the most-preferred VPN service when it comes to protecting people’s privacy both in their computers or on mobile devices.



How Spotflux Works


A virtual private network’s mission is to provide a secure connection between your computer and the internet so you can surf the web without any trace. Instead of using your real IP address when you are browsing, Spotflux masks yours and gives you one of their IP addresses in the server location of your choice.

Download and Install. Spotflux is extremely easy to download and installs quickly. Once you set it up, it automatically configures and updates on its own. You can change your settings later on.

Cipher. Your internet traffic is encrypted and sent through the Spotflux cloud.

Clean Up. Spotflux’s cloud runs millions of calculations to remove ads, tracking cookies, and helps prevent you from hackers, scammers, and thieves from obtaining your private information.

Conceal. Your IP address is hidden, making you safe and secure whenever you are browsing the internet as long as you are connected to Spotflux’s VPN servers.


Spotflux VPN Features


Security and Protocols. Nowadays, surfing the internet has become a part of our daily lives – we need it to check our emails during work, conduct bank transactions, and communicate with our friends and family. And as much as it makes our lives infinitely easier, it also poses a threat to our security because hackers, scammers, and thieves can intercept our data and use it fraudulently. This is why VPN services are extremely important since it keeps your data safe.

Spotflux uses the SSL 128-bit encryption and PPTP, OpenVPN and L2TP/IPSec protocols to protect your privacy. The free version only encrypts the data from your browsers, while the premium version does more: it blocks tracking cookies and other internet spyware, hides your IP address, and blocks ads on the internet to speed up your browsing data. So even if you connect to a public Wi-Fi or surf the internet at the comfort of your own home, you can stay protected wherever and whenever.

Servers and Server Locations. For premium subscribers, there are plenty of server locations that Spotflux offers, although it is not as many as its rival VPN services. As of today, they have servers in France (Paris), Frankfurt (Germany), Tokyo (Japan), Amsterdam (the Netherlands), Singapore, London (UK), New York, Miami, and Silicon Valley (USA).

A tip for users when choosing a server location: choose one that is not too far from your original location because the distance can affect your bandwidth and speed. You may also switch locations from time to time if you truly want to cover your tracks. If you want to bypass geo-restrictions on your favorite streaming websites (such as Netflix and Hulu), choose countries that have better media libraries.

Activity Logs Kept. Spotflux keeps some connection logs and user data such as correspondence emails – this includes the time and duration of your VPN usage. However, they do not keep usage logs, so whatever websites you have been visiting or any information that have been exchanged between your computer and the site are all safe.

Device Connection and Compatibility. The mobile subscription supports devices iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Android devices running on iOS and Android 4 or later. It also supports Mac OS X and Windows computers which lets you connect up to 5 devices simultaneously. The free version only allows one connection.

Customer Support. If you are a free user, don’t expect too much tech support from their live chat. There are plenty of other options, though – their FAQ page contains plenty of articles, and you can read their forums, Twitter, and Facebook pages if you want more. Premium subscribers have a higher chance of receiving proper customer support through live chat and email ticketing.

Pricing and Plans. Spotflux does not have a flexible pricing plan, but they offer an affordable rate for their services. They have two subscription plans: a mobile-only plan at $29.99 per year, and a premium plan for all devices at $37.99 per year. For those who only want to pay for a couple of months, they also offer a month-by-month subscription at $4.99 per month.

Overall Review. Spotflux is a simple VPN service that is suitable for users who do not need extremely strong encryptions – if you are simply looking to concealing your IP address, bypassing geo-restrictions, and downloading anonymously, then this VPN is a good choice.


Spotflux VPN Review


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