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In Greek mythology, “Nike” was a goddess who personified victory; while “Nike Overplay” is credited with giving basketball players a premium shoe.  In fact, an overplay review states that this is a “premium fit and feel” basketball court sneaker that is “extremely” comfortable with a unique mesh collar to provided needed ventilation during court play.  The Nike Overplay series of men’s and women’s shoes are also viewed as the gold standard to wear for all types of basketball games.


Another aspect of this trending Nike basketball shoe is linked to Nike’s trademark “full-length Phylon midsole” that offers true lightweight comfort and cushioning from toe to heal.  For instance, the great professional basketball star Michael Jordan said that “having a comfortable shoe” is a true game changer.  Male and female fans of the Overplay series of basketball shoes concur with Jordan’s view when commenting online about finding a very comfortable shoe to wear for outdoor and indoor pickup basketball games.

Nike Overplay is a great basketball shoe

The great thing about wearing a pair of Nike’s “Overplay” basketball shoes is great value for a sturdy and very comfortable shoe.  The Overplay is a favorite among basketball players both young and old, and male and female.

The customers often comment online about the shoe’s many great features that include:

– Being lightweight with great court traction.
– The shoe “doesn’t crease.”
– Overplays come in lots of cool colors.
– Fans say their “Overplays” break in easy, and the shoes run true to size.
– It features great ankle support and is “very comfortable.”

In general, there are legions of Nike Overplay fans who think a pair of this brand of basketball shoes actually boosts their game.



Nike Overplay coupon featured online

While the Overplay series of basketball shoes are marketed as a great affordable shoe, Nike is pulling out all the stops by offering a special coupon online. The online Nike promotion code means customers can get free shipping and 20% off during this March 2015 series of online “promo codes” for Nike shoes.  In turn, there are numerous online website ads stating how this coupon makes an already “cheap price” even more attractive for men’s and women’s Nike Overplay basketball shoes.

Meanwhile Nike reports that the Overplay line of shoes weighs just three pounds; while having a true rubber sole for classic cushioning and stability.  The shoe is made of both leather and synthetic materials; while a cooling mesh upper provides support, comfort and Nike’s trademark breathability. The Overplays also feature a trendy herringbone pattern, making this line of basketball shoes a fashion statement as well.

Overplays a customer favorite

At a time when there is a multitude of high-tech styled basketball shoes being offered online at leading sports equipment websites, Nike blows out the competition with its Overall series of basketball shoes for both men and women.  The feedback from customers offering glowing online testimonials is also impressive.  For example, a longtime basketball player said online that he has searched high and low for the best of the best in court shoes, and decided that the Nike Overall was “a winner.”

In general, the Overplay is specifically designed for playing basketball on all surfaces.  While there are basketball shoes designed for outdoor pickup action, there are usually specialized shoes for playing basketball indoors on traditional basketball courts.  The marketing pitch for the Overplay series of great looking basketball shoes is this is a true “all court” shoe that never lets you down.

At the end of the day, fans of the Nike Overplay of basketball shoes think this series of court sneakers is simply the best.


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