Opera Launches Built-in VPN to Their Browser



We can’t deny the benefits of using a virtual private network, but the truth is that it is not a common knowledge among internet users. And if they had any idea how much a VPN could do for them, they would consider getting one immediately.

The very same thought is what led Opera to design and create SurfEasy, a built-in VPN that comes free with their newly-launched browser, Opera 40. Krystian Kolondra, Opera Software’s Senior Vice President of Products, believes that this will greatly make a difference to internet users. In his blog post, he wrote that they want to make their browser complete so users won’t have to download and purchase third-party software just to protect their privacy.

Opera Launches Built-in VPN

            Opera 40 and its built-in VPN has also been receiving plenty of good feedbacks from satisfied users. In fact, in a span of just one week since its launch, more than 2 million users have been gained by the software company.

Unfortunately, Netflix has blocked Opera’s VPN from accessing their library. However, it can still be used for other streaming sites such as Hulu and Pandora, and the quality is just the same.

Opera Launches Built-in VPN to Their Browser

SurfEasy, Opera 40’s VPN Provider

Virtual private networks are incredible tools that are more of a necessity than an option – it keeps all of your personal data safe and protects your privacy on the internet. It also lets you access websites and contents that are otherwise restricted, and provides a connection between you and other computers. VPNs are loaded with extra features nowadays but since most of them requires you to install it separately from your browser, a built-in VPN is really convenient for users.

How to Enable The Free VPN

  1. Go to Settings, or Preferences for Mac users.
  2. Select ‘Privacy and Security’.
  3. Toggle the free VPN.
  4. Once the VPN icon appears, you can toggle it on or off.
  5. Choose a virtual location.

VPN Features

Free and unlimited protection. Opera 40 is the very first browser to have an integrated VPN that is free and unlimited – no subscriptions, no sign-ins, and no extra downloads. You have the option when to turn the VPN on and off, and whether you want it to protect everything or those in the private windows only. And it only secures traffic through Opera, not with other browsers or apps in your device.

Safe and secure IP address. The VPN hides your IP address and replaces it with a virtual IP, a type of IP address that is assigned to multiple domains or servers which will make it difficult for anyone to track you. It also blocks tracking cookies which can locate and identify your computer once you enable them on your browser. Your traffic is also secured even when you are surfing using public Wi-Fi, which shields your activity from people who want to snoop in.

Improved browser engine. The new Opera 40 can now allow Unicode and Shadow DOM v1. It can support promise-based navigator.mediaDevices.getUserMedia() API, unprefixed CSS filter, and ECDHE ciphers. HTTP/0.9 has also been deprecated to make way for a faster, better HTTP/2.

Automatic power saving mode. If your charger is unplugged, the browser will automatically switch to power saving mode. You can also change your battery saving settings to the threshold for when the power saving mode should be enabled. Plus, there is a battery capacity indicator so you can keep track of your battery usage.

RSS-supported Newsreader. You can now read the news from RSS-based feeds that you are subscribed to with Opera 40’s personal newsreader, which you can read in timeline or stacked view. You can add any feed plus the feeds that are selected by Opera, but the estimated reading time for custom RSS is not available for those. Use the personal newsreader by clicking the News icon on the left side of the Speed Dial, then click the + button. Add a source by pasting its URL in the search box, then you can follow that feed once it is validated.

Supports Chromecast. You can now watch videos and stream your favorite shows using Chromecast with Opera. Download the Chrome extension from the Opera catalogue, then install the Google Cast extension from Chrome’s web store. The only downside is that Chromecast only works for YouTube videos for now.

Improved video pop-outs. Opera can now support more video sites and players, plus the video pop-out button has been redesigned. It is now disabled for short videos, and you can easily close it when watching lengthy videos.

Opera Launches Built-in VPN to Their Browser


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