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There are plenty of VPN services that promise to give you safety and security from criminals around the Web, but only a few really take your privacy seriously, and is one of those. Supporting the latest and most advanced protocols, values each of their user’s privacy – after all, it’s what they primarily do.



Hide.Me Features

Security and Protocols. This VPN service has the latest protocols today: IKEv2, which is compatible with Windows and Linux, is an easy-to-set-up industry standard protocol that is resistant to short-term loss of network connectivity; IKEv1, which is compatible with Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS, is similar to IKEv2 with the exception of NAT-traversal, IP mobility, and remote access; OpenVPN, which is compatible with all operating systems, is the best and most reliable protocol; and SoftEther, which is compatible on Mac, Windows, and Linux, uses the strongest cryptographic algorithms that penetrates firewalls. SSTP, PPTP, and L2TP/IPsec are also available.

The strongest protocols support AES-256 encryptions, while some only support AES-128. These protocols are guaranteed to safeguard all your sensitive data from being fraudulently used by criminals – you can access your bank account or perform transactions online without worrying about being robbed.

Servers and Server Locations. has particularly handpicked their servers to make sure that they are extremely fast and secure. They have 25+ servers located all around the globe, from Tokyo to Reykjavik so you can freely choose whichever location that you want your IP address to appear in. Plus, all servers are controlled and operated by them which means that there will be no third-party companies to deal with.


Depending on your needs, you can specifically select the location that you want to appear in. For example, if you want to access the British media such as BBC and Sky, you can select the server located in London. There is a perfect location for every need, and will help you select the best one.

IP Address Feature. Without a VPN, your IP address is visible to anyone, and that means that your personal information can easily be obtained, or worse, stolen. Everything that you do online will also be visible, including the websites you visit, your emails, and the media that you download.

Using will protect you by creating an encrypted tunnel that secures all of your traffic, so anybody who’ll try to track you will only see the anonymous IP address that you are temporarily assigned.

No Activity Logs Kept. keeps absolutely no logs to avoid legal liabilities. They do not monitor your activities since all the data usage they receive are purely anonymous, and there are no log files in the VPN servers. Since they do not hold any record that could be traced back to you, you can rest assured that your browsing behavior is completely unknown.


Device Connections and Compatibility. No matter what device you are using, is able to protect your data since it has an app for every kind of device and operating system. Whether you are using Windows, Mac, or Linux, or surfing through your Android or iOS device, you can still stay safe and secure through their easy-to-use apps.

You can also connect multiple devices to your VPN by setting up your home router to work for This means that your smart TV and consoles can be protected as well.

Customer Support. Their customer support is also extremely helpful since you have plenty of options for solving your VPN problems. Their website contains a Frequently Asked Questions page that you can easily scan. If you want tech support, you can open a support request so you can contact their team directly (but it will usually take a day or longer). You can also reach them through their 24/7 live-chat support, or share something that can help other users through the community. Plus, they have a comprehensive set-up guide for each device so you can use your VPN instantly without any hassle.


Pricing and Plans. The great thing about VPN is that they offer a free service – absolutely no charge, but with limited features: you can only select from 3 locations, a pretty decent bandwidth, 2 GB data transfer, limited protocol support, and only one simultaneous connection with no port forwarding.

Their Plus subscription starts at $3.52 per month, with the following inclusions: you can choose from 29 locations, an unlimited bandwidth, 75 GB data transfer, a full protocol support, and only one simultaneous connection with no port forwarding.

Premium, the most popular subscription among users, starts at $7.58 per month, where you can choose from 29 locations, an unlimited bandwidth, unlimited data transfer, a full protocol support, up to five simultaneous connection with port forwarding.

They accept payments made through credit cards, as well as PayPal, CashU, Sofort, Giropay, and Bitcoin.

Overall Review. VPN has the latest security protocols and we are impressed. It’s also great that they do not keep any activity logs at all (only a few VPN services do this nowadays). The only downside is the pricing plan – it is not that flexible, but you will really get what you are paying for. All in all, is a strongly-recommended VPN service to anyone, especially users who are extremely concerned with their privacy and security.

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