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Sometimes, VPN services can be a bit of a hassle especially when you have to manually turn them on and off every time you browse the internet. At times, you might actually forget to activate it and you could go online without any protection. Yikes! Don’t you just wish there were VPN services that automatically activate once you open your browser?

The good news is: there are plenty of them! These Google Chrome VPN services are easy to use and highly secure, making your whole internet experience convenient and safe from spying. Here are five of the best Google Chrome VPN services that you should add to your browser’s extension now.


Google Chrome VPN Extensions


Cyberghost. This free Google Chrome VPN software is a great choice if do not want to limit the protection to your Firefox browser alone and protect your entire internet activity. It’s extremely suitable for streaming and downloading since they don’t limit your bandwidth. However, you can only use one device for the free version, whereas the paid version allows up to five devices. Some users have noticed that connection speeds falter between different servers. This isn’t too much of a problem since Cyberghost allows you to choose from 197 servers – that definitely gives you plenty of choices. Cyberghost’s encryption is also secure, plus they have features such as auto internet kill switch, server-hosted firewalls, and DNS leak protection. Using Cyberghost will definitely ensure you your online safety and anonymity.

Hola Unblocker. One of the best things about Hola Unblocker is that it’s free, which will save you from having costly monthly subscriptions. This is because of the ingenious way that it works without having underlying operational costs. It works by building a peer-to-peer network for HTTP, which routes the sites that you visit through the devices of another Hola user, not through expensive servers. It does not take up any resources from both peers since it only uses a user as a proxy if that user’s device is completely idle, meaning that the device is not using battery but is connected to electricity, no mouse and keyboard are detected, and the device is connected to the internet. There are no operational costs for the bandwidth, making Hola free for PC and Mac users. However, they do have a Hola for business, or the Luminati, which is what covers other expenses such as maintenance and upkeep for their engineers. Upgrading to Hola premium costs only $5 per month, or $45 per year. The only downside with Hola Google Chrome VPN is that it experiences problems during installation, so you will have to be patient with it. You will know if it is activated if the Hola icon appears at Chrome’s toolbar.

Buffered VPN. Based in Hungary, Buffered VPN is best for users outside of US but want to enjoy quality entertainment that are otherwise unavailable in their country – whether it’s video streaming via Netflix, catching up with the latest news at NBC, or watching sports at ESPN. They offer unlimited speed, bandwidth, and server switching in 31 countries so you have plenty to choose from. They also allow up to five simultaneous connections which is perfect for the techie user who’s always out and about. Plus, they have this unique feature called a port discovery tool that lets you bypass firewalls and other network restrictions (no more login). For those who are interested in Buffered VPN as their Google Chrome VPN, they offer a plan that works for every user’s needs. They have a monthly plan of $12.99, a yearly plan of $8.25 per month, and a bi-annual plan of $9.99 per month.

VPNArea. Looking for a VPN that without the frills – just a fast, reliable, and secure protection? VPNArea is the perfect Google Chrome VPN for you. Its Anti DNS and WebRTC Leak Systems and Kill Switch System ensures that your IP is well-hidden from snoopers. In addition to online protection, VPNArea makes sure that their customers are satisfied and secure at the same time by providing amazing perks: unlimited bandwidth so you can stream, download, and surf all you want; a speed test to make sure that the server you are using has high connection speed; and a ‘Users Online’ function that lets you see which servers have no users in it so you can have all the speed to yourself. VPNArea’s pricing plans are at $9.90 per month for one month, $50 per month for six months, and $59 per month for one year.

ZenMate VPN. This is one of the most popular Google Chrome VPN because of their great service. The extension will automatically be added to your Chrome browser, and the plugin will install and equip you with a built-in VPN where you can choose from their wide array of proxy servers in different worldwide locations. You will be safe from being hacked or spied on since it automatically launches whenever you open your browser. You can enjoy ZenMate’s services for $8.99 per month for one month, $7.49 per month for six months, and $4.99 per month for one year. By subscribing, your traffic will be encrypted so that all your data and activities are safe and shielded without being compromised. You can choose where you want to appear from to access the internet and switch your location periodically to throw off hackers and spies. You can also bypass geo-restricted websites and access any content that you wish to see, regardless of where you are in the world. They also have state-of-the-art technology to detect malicious sites and software even before it can attack you. Although they have a free VPN service, premium subscribers can get more out of ZenMate’s services.

Google Chrome VPN Extensions

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