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You can connect to a VPN proxy server and route all of your online usage through it. Doing this will conceal your location and identity.

These days, your Internet activity is being monitored more closely than ever. Terrorists, advertisers, online criminals, neighbors, and even your own government want to know what you are up to. Also, it is now a simple matter to locate public Wi-Fi outlets in venues like cafes, airports, parks and libraries. Because anyone could be spying on you at any time, you may want to buy VPN services to protect your privacy. Here are the four VPN best services for 2016.



ExpressVPN is a popular provider with many people, because it offers a good variety of options for most VPN users. The company does not store usage logs and the server performance is first class. Also, the OSX and Windows client provided is user friendly. ExpressVPN operates its’ servers in more than seventy countries, so customers enjoy excellent speeds regardless of their location. Apparently, due to its’ Hong Kong based ‘stealth’ servers, ExpressVPN works particularly well for Chinese customers.

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IPVanish is an American company that provides a fast connection for a competitive price. The software interface is simple to administer and use. Better still, the company does not keep any logs. If you want to protect yourself from the prying eyes of crooks, whilst connected to a Wi-Fi outlet in a cafe, IPVanish is a reliable and flexible service compatible with numerous platforms.


BolehVPN is also a popular choice among techies and privacy advocates. This company is based off the coast of Malaysia in an off shore setting. BolehVPN uses top notch encryption and it stores no logs. The connection speeds are fast and P2P downloading is permitted. The OSX and Windows client is better than average. It includes DNS leak protection, as well as a VPN kill facility. Moreover, BolehVPN provides ‘xCloak’ servers, which can evade censorship from the authorities. Complimentary SmartDNS services are offered as well.


Finally, VPNArea is a reasonably small and new provider, with many servers across the world – so customers will always have a server close by. This company is headquartered in Bulgaria, however the little data it does store (no logs are kept at all) is kept on servers situated in Switzerland. Switzerland does have robust laws relating to data protection, however the recently introduced surveillance legislation has given some people cause for concern. VPNArea offers a free, week long trial, fantastic Windows software (including DNS leak protection), good connection speeds and friendly customer support.



It is advisable to buy VPN proxy services, because they are an effective way of protecting yourself from malicious spies while you are using the Internet. Of course, you can alter the IP address of your computer to access content which might be banned from the country you live in. However, it pays to be sensible: don’t contravene your provider’s terms and conditions just to break the law for your own satisfaction. Otherwise, you could land yourself in hot water if you are caught.

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