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BT Guard, Online Privacy protection is one of the main things that users look in a VPN service but the truth is that not all the providers guarantee that your data will not be monitored or shared with third parties (such as authorities or private companies) if they are requested to do so by law. If you enjoy downloading files from torrent websites, you probably want to make sure that your anonymity is kept intact and one of the VPN providers that can offer you that is BTGuard. The company is based in Canada, where data retention laws are not applied. Furthermore, they are sponsored by TorrentFreak, which highlights them as a good option for those concerned about privacy issues. To learn how BTGuard performs in all the main aspects, continue reading our review.


Rating 81 out of 100


Servers Location

While BTGuard does not offer you as many options to change your IP address as other providers, they have a good coverage as their servers are located in Canada (Toronto), Netherlands (Amsterdam) and Singapore. Even though the options are limited, the fact that they have servers in three continents means that you should not have issues to access content from websites from any region.


Supported OS, Protocols and Devices

BTGuard’s service can be used with the main operating systems: Windows (XP, 2000, Vista, 7/8), Mac OS X (versions 10 and up) and Linux. In terms of protocols, they currently support PPTP and OpenVPN, which are the most common options in the industry. OpenVPN is very secure and works well with desktop computers and laptops, while PPTP is usually the bets option for iPhones, iPads and android devices.


You can choose between two packages: BitTorrent and VPN. The first plan would suit for those that use internet mainly to download files in Torrent sites. It allows you to change your IP address in order to hide your identity and location. However, if you are looking for additional features such as data encryption, you would need to subscribe to their full VPN plan. BitTorrent costs $6.95 USD per month and VPN, and you can also set a subscription for 3 ($20), 6 ($36) or 12 months ($64). For full VPN, you can pay for one month ($9.95), for 3 ($29), 6 ($52) and 12 months ($92), which would help you to save money in the long run.

Customer Support

You can reach their support team via email based ticket system. They are usually very responsive and helpful but the fact that they do not have other way to be contact can put some people off. They offer a comprehensive FAQ section and a knowledgebase containing information about the most common issues and queries so chances are that you find what you are looking for there.


Since BTGuard can offer a no logging policy, they are a good option for users that want to make sure that their data is not shared or monitored. On the downside, their speed is not the best in the industry and they are expensive, considering that for the same price (or less) , you can subscribe to a full service from other providers that can guarantee security and anonymity in one package. They need to improve their service in order to become a leading provider in the industry.


Main Features
  • Hides IP
  • Strong Encryption
  • Secures browsing over hotspots
  • View Tv & Movies
  • Unblock Facebook and Youtube
  • Unlimited Bandwidth & Speed

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