In reply to the worrisome rumors spreading around social media websites that using Virtual Private Networks (or commonly known as VPN services) could get users fined or arrested, the Telecommunications Regulatory Agency (TRA) of the United Arab Emirates said that there are no legislations against VPNs. Therefore, the use of these services by local and international companies is allowed in the UAE.

             With China’s increased censorship, dubbed as the Great Firewall, the country has blocked residents from accessing 135 out of 1000 websites including Facebook, Twitter, Google, and YouTube. Now, it has made an even bigger step to a technical crackdown by launching a 14-month nationwide campaign against unauthorized internet connections, which includes virtual private network (VPN) services.

Watching movies and TV shows has never been the same, and that’s all thanks to the revolutionary private streaming service technology – now we can stream videos through the internet and watch hundreds of different channels from all over the world. We can even watch it anywhere we want in any time that is convenient for us without worrying if we are missing out on an episode. Private streaming service has made entertainment easier and more fun than ever.

Compared to other countries, the USA enjoys more freedom on internet usage – uncensored internet and constitutional protections against intrusive surveillance. However, Edward Snowden proved this wrong after he revealed global surveillance programs by the National Security Agency with the cooperation of telecommunication companies.

Majority of the normal internet users today are not aware of the existence of virtual private network (VPN) services, and some of those who are aware of its existence don’t even bother getting one. Having a VPN is as important as having an internet connection – and if you truly want to surf anonymously and completely safe, getting one would be one of the best decisions of your life, especially now that the broadband privacy rules have been voted to be repealed by the U.S. senate.
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