Best VPN Proxy Servers for Protecting Your Security



VPN proxy servers are like web filters that are added as extensions to your web browser such as Google Chrome , Mozilla Firefox, Opera, or Safari. Unlike VPN services that hide your IP address and protects all apps that you are using, a VPN proxy is completely browser-based. Nevertheless, it will still protect you while you are surfing the internet.

Many VPNs have VPN proxy servers integrated with their services. We have listed three of the best VPN services with VPN proxy servers: NordVPN, ZenMate, and HideMyAss.



Best VPN Proxy Servers


NordVPN. NordVPN is one of the best VPN proxy servers today; while other VPN services are either overpricing a decent service, or sacrificing quality over quantity, this VPN proxy protects your security while still offering an affordable rate for their services.

NordVPN is the perfect choice for someone who wants to evade the NSA’s prying eyes because it is based in Panama, including those in the EU who want to keep their government’s prying eyes away from their private online activities.

Using a VPN proxy while you are making financial transactions online will protect all your sensitive information, allow you to access filtered and blocked websites and content, and encrypt all of your data. Their web proxy server is easy to install and is available to anyone running their proxy server on google Chrome. NordVPN’s VPN proxy uses a 2048-bit SSL encryption that ‘even a supercomputer can’t crack’.

NordVPN’s VPN proxy servers also use DoubleVPN, a unique system that encrypts your data twice using military-grade AES-256-CBC encryption. Additionally, they have a DNS Leak resolver in case DNS servers send unencrypted queries outside your server and expose your IP address and the sites you visited. According to them, it is ‘the tightest security in the industry’ and is not offered by any other service.

Through the automatic kill switch, the VPN proxy can still protect your security even when your internet connection falters. You can choose the apps beforehand and it shuts down all the applications in the event of a connection loss. It’s a fool-proof way of making sure that nobody tries to snoop in on your activities.

To add to these amazing roster of features, NordVPN doesn’t just include a VPN proxy – it also has secret notes and encrypted chat. You can send a secret note to any of your friends, which is automatically destroyed once it has been read.


ZenMate. Based in Berlin, Germany, ZenMate VPN is a simple and easy to use proxy / browser extension without compromising functionality and encryption. It is regarded as one of the best VPN services because of the strong encryption and latest protocols that it employs.

ZenMate’s VPN proxy can by hide all your internet activities from your internet service provider to prevent throttling, and lets you evade censorship by your school, work, internet service provider, or the government – anything that prohibits you from visiting websites. It also bypasses geo-restrictions and lets you use public Wi-Fi hotspots securely.

With the strongest encryptions to protect your data, ZenMate uses the latest TLS 1.2 (RFS 5246) protocol, AES 128 and 256, and the logically unbreakable cipher suites such as the default SHA256 up to SHA384 for the Google Chrome browsers. It can get a bit confusing especially if you are not familiar with these terminologies, but these ciphers simply mean that they use the 128- and 256-bit encryption to protect all the user’s data from being obtained by other people.

Using ZenMate VPN proxy is completely safe since they do not keep logs of your activities which includes user information, timestamps, bandwidth, IP addresses, DNS queries, and log sessions. The VPN proxy is also supported by all platforms such as Windows, Mac OS, Android, and iOS, including extensions and plugins that are supported by browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera.


HideMyAss! As one of the most popular virtal private network services today, HideMyAss! VPN proxy promises to deliver maximum, heavy-duty security against mass surveillance, hacking, theft, and scamming. Commonly known as HMA, has been a top choice for internet users around the world as it meets the above-mentioned standards. HideMyAss! offers different protocols that subscribers can choose from: OpenVPN, PPTP, and L2TP with 256-bit encryption. They also offer OpenVPN-UDP, which makes for a faster and more secure connection.

When you are connecting to a public Wi-Fi, the chances of somebody hacking your personal information (such as bank account details and account passwords) are extremely high. Using HideMyAss! VPN proxy will ensure your safety in public Wi-Fi connections and will protect your device from malwares, phishing sites, and spam sites.

. HMA uses the dynamic IP address assignment, which means that the IP address used by your computer when you log in is only temporary – it can change even by turning your router on and off. This feature makes it difficult for you to be tracked because you have no permanent IP address.

They have an IP address history record that you can check to see what IP addresses you have been using while subscribed to their services, plus a third-party IP address checker to see what IP address you are currently using to browse the web.

Another great feature that HideMyAss! VPN proxy offers is the Secure IP Binding, where it enables you to force applications on your computer to work only if it is connected to the VPN servers. If you open an application without connecting to the VPN servers, it won’t be able to access the internet.

Best VPN Proxy Servers

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