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According to Lifewire, torrenting (or BitTorrent networking) is the most popular form of peer-to-peer file sharing. For years, it has been the primary means of trading movies, music, software, and e-books among users online. It is favored by millions of users since it is extremely easy to use and does not require user fees.

Torrenting means that you are obtaining files using the BitTorrent protocol, and it downloads small bits of file from plenty of different web sources at the same time. This protocol was designed by programmer Bram Cohen in 2001 and has been utilized by millions of users every year since then.

BestVPN says that downloading files using BitTorrent does not require a centralized server, and this means that you are actually sharing bits of the file with anyone (called a ‘peer’) who is also downloading the same file as you are. The effect of this process? You and your peers will be able to see each other’s IP addresses.

The solution to this dilemma is easy: find a VPN service that allows P2P file sharing. Below are some of the best VPN services suited for torrenting.



Best VPN for Torrenting

Ivacy. Based in Hong Kong, Ivacy is one of the best choices for a VPN service if you want to protect your privacy during torrenting because it is not subject to the US federal laws. They offer multiple protocols which includes PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, IKEv2, OpenVPN, and the very unique Stealth, encrypted with 256-bit AES. Plus, they have the Internet Kill Switch feature which automatically activates when your internet connection falters.

Ivacy ensures 99% uptime with their servers and an unlimited bandwidth speed which is a good news to torrent users – fast connection speeds are a must when torrenting files. Furthermore, they have 200+ servers from all over the world in all continents (except Antarctica, of course). The best feature? They have P2P-optimized servers in many countries, including Canada, UK, and US.

Once you sign up for a subscription of only $1.66 per month for one year, you can log in with Ivacy in 5 different devices simultaneously. They also do not keep any logs of all sorts, be it search and download histories or duration of sessions. If you experience any problems, you can ask their representative through their customer support platforms: live chat, ticketing, and social media support.

ExpressVPN. This VPN service is based in the British Virgin Islands so torrent users don’t have to worry too much about legal issues. Unlike Ivacy, though, they have lesser protocols: OpenVPN, SSTP, PPTP, and L2TP-IPsec, plus the network is SSL-secured with 256-bit encryption.

ExpressVPN boasts an unlimited bandwidth, server switching, and connection speeds with a 99.9% uptime. They do have considerably fast download speeds compared to most VPN service. Plus, with their unlimited server switching, you can choose between 136 VPN locations in 87 countries – that’s plenty of choices! They also have a Smart DNS feature to prevent your ISP from throttling your traffic.

They also offer a reasonable pricing for their services, with a monthly fee of only $8.32 per month for one year. With this subscription, you can get up to 3 simultaneous device connections and round-the-clock customer support via live chat or email. In our last review, we stated that they keep connection logs, and this year we still have yet to see if they have changed this policy of theirs.

VPNArea. Despite being a small provider based in Bulgaria, VPNArea is not one to be belittled – it has the features of a large and established VPN service provider (and maybe even more). It encrypts all your data even before it leaves your computer with a 256-bit AES encryption, plus an Anti DNS Leak system and Anti WebRTC system which prevents hackers and scammers from snooping in on the websites you visit and tracking your location. Plus they don’t keep user logs so all your internet activity are safe.

VPNArea has 190 servers in 51 different countries, from Germany all the way to Singapore. Their unlimited bandwidth and ‘Users Online’ function, which shows you how many users are connected to a particular sever, lets you choose an unpopulated server and enjoy the fast speed. You can even extend your online protection and connect up to five devices at the same time so your family can also experience security. For as low as $4.95 per month and a 7-day free trial service, you can avail one of the best VPN services provided by VPNArea.

IPVanish. This VPN service prides itself on being the Top Tier VPN service among the others, promising to deliver the fastest and most secure connections. Staying true to its name, IPVanish makes your IP address ‘disappear’ by hiding it behind an anonymous IP address. This will let you avoid annoying ads and location identification through geo-targeting (marking your location).

If you are a frequent coffee shop visitor who utilizes free public Wi-Fi, using IPVanish lets you create a secure connection so that all your private data and information are safe. A public Wi-Fi makes you extremely vulnerable to hackers and identity thieves, and IPVanish lets you surf the internet by covering your tracks through PPTP, L2TP, and OpenVPN protocols so you can surf the web anonymously.

IPVanish has a whopping 500+ anonymous servers that lets you bypass censorship from other countries. This way, you can access media and sites that are otherwise restricted in your location (but be careful regarding this one because you might breach international laws).

You can choose from IPVanish plans: $10 per month, $8.99 per month for 3 months, and $6.49 per month for one year.


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