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Everybody wants to protect their privacy and keep their virtual activities to themselves – whether you are an ordinary internet user, a businessman, or an employee. Although it is not a common knowledge to everyone, the virtual private network (or commonly referred to as VPN) is the best form of technology if you want utmost privacy. A VPN is like a guarded tunnel that secures all of your data, ensures that nobody pores through your private accounts, and provides a secure connection for remote computers that allows them to share limitless resources with each other.

A VPN is a good tool for keeping your online activities private, but almost every service out there requires you to pay for a premium package. While that is completely and utterly understandable, there are numerous free VPN services out there which are fast and reliable if you are not willing to shell out roughly ten dollars per month; the key is finding the best one that will suit your needs.

Here is the updated review of the list of our previous article on the best free VPN services.


Things to Consider Before Getting a Free VPN

Before we proceed, here’s a reminder: always double check everything before using a certain VPN of your choice. In some, but not all cases, there are free VPNs that will sell your data to those who will ask for it in order to cover their operation costs. Others might also contain spywares and malwares, plus most free VPNs have the weakest encryptions which makes it quite easy to intercept and steal your data.

Although free VPN seems like a good deal, it is always best to do a bit of a research and take extra precautions when choosing which one to use. After all, you’re using a VPN to protect your privacy, but it would be ironic if the VPN service itself is compromising it.


Best Free VPN Services

TunnelBear. What’s cuter than a little brown bear protecting your privacy? This free VPN service has adorable and user-friendly features, such as their strong AES 256-bit encryption, automatic blocking of unsecured traffic once the connection gets disrupted, and GhostBear, which prevents VPN blocking.

TunnelBear has made it very clear on their privacy policies, as seen on their website, that they value their users’ privacy by promising not to keep any logs. Their transparency makes them a trustworthy VPN service and a top choice among users who want a safe and free VPN.

However, their Little Bear package (the free one) does have a 500 MB limit on monthly surfing – that means no watching movies and playing online games for you. You can earn more usage whenever you tweet or share about TunnelBear, or you can simply upgrade to their Grizzly Bear package to get more benefits: unlimited data, unlimited bandwidth, encrypted tunnels in 20+ countries, up to 5 simultaneous connections, and a priority 24/7 customer support.

TotalVPN. TotalVPN is favored by many users for its crisp and simple interface and usability. Plus it is a fantastic free VPN service which makes it one of the most popular web VPN that users prefer despite being new. Signing up and getting started is extremely smooth and easy, and their software is compatible with most operating systems and devices, be it iOS, Windows, Android, or Mac OS.

The free package only allows you to use it one device, unlike in the paid package where you get to use TotalVPN in three devices simultaneously. There is no download limit with the free package, but there is a certain speed limitation. This means that you can use TotalVPN as much as you like, but you won’t be able to livestream in HD. Overall, TotalVPN is a secure and safe VPN which is recommended for any user.

Cyberghost. If you want a service which does not have a speed limitation, then this free VPN software is a great choice. It is highly recommended for streaming and downloading since they don’t limit your bandwidth. However, you can only use one device for the free version, whereas the paid version allows up to five devices.

There are a few issues regarding the connection speeds: some users have noticed that connection speeds falter between different servers. This isn’t too much of a problem since Cyberghost allows you to choose from 197 servers which definitely gives you plenty of choices.

Their encryption is also secure, and their features include an auto internet kill switch, server-hosted firewalls, and DNS leak protection, which is pretty amazing considering that they are a free service. Using Cyberghost will definitely ensure you your online safety and anonymity.

Windscribe. Windscribe is perfect for people who are looking for a free but reliable VPN service. Aside from this, the free version also gives its users 10 GB of data usage per month. Although Windscribe doesn’t have the fastest connection speed out there, it’s not considerably slow either.

Its features are the same as any VPN, which includes securing public Wi-Fi, accessing blocked content, and sharing files securely. It also blocks ads and trackers, has a firewall to prevent your IP address’s exposure, and lets you manage secure links from your browser.

As with any free VPNs, Windscribe also limits your access and their service – they don’t allow their free users to use all of their browsers. Overall, Windscribe is one of the best VPNs that guarantees your privacy and security for free.

Hotspot Shield. Hotspot Shield is an excellent choice if you want unlimited bandwidth. It is compatible with most operating systems, but the free service only allows the use of US servers and restricts access to streaming websites like Hulu and Netflix.

Hotspot Shield promises not to collect, store, and share their users’ logs, but they do have a slew of ads. Their free software is loaded with advertisements, but since it’s free and they give you unlimited data usage, it’s already a great catch.

Ads and the limited use of browsers aside, Hotspot Shield is still a popular choice among users because of its simple and easy to use interface, always-on connection, and fast and reliable connection.


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