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In an era of online privacy concerns and data theft, a good virtual private network is necessary for both businesses and individual users. A quick search will show you that there are more VPN products on the market than any one user could ever need, though, and a search for the best VPN will become a process of sorting through opinions. Rather than allowing yourself to be dazzled by slick marketing, it is better to consider what makes a good VPN worth using. If you are like the majority of VPN users, the best VPN will be one that is easy to use, can protect your data, and will have a reasonable price for the features it offers. Contrary to popular belief, the best place to start when choosing a VPN should be with ease of use. All other factors must bow before the user’s comfort with the system, as too complex an interface can turn the user off. Try to think of any computer program that you use on a daily basis – how likely are you to use it if you have to go through countless steps just to make the program work correctly? If you can get the VPN to connect you quickly and without fuss, that V PN immediately becomes preferable to any of its less friendly competitors.

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