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Top 7 causes of security breaches



We have compiled our own version of the Top Seven Causes of Information Security Breaches. The analysis is qualitative and not based on statistics. There is nothing wrong with statistics, but the interpretation of the results, and the discussion based on these interpretations often has nothing to do with either statistics or science. As some one famous once said: “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics”. Instead, our conclusions are based on fifteen years of experience investigating computer hacking incidents across the globe.

About 60% of Information Security Breaches are influenced by human factor. The primary cause of many security breaches is unintentional end-user error, often by non-IT staff.

Mass media exposure, both positive and negative, impacts the organisation’s information security by attracting an unwanted attention of hackers and hacktivists. As a result, inadequately prepared organisations suffers the deleterious effects of being in the media spotlight.

Insufficient fundings is the last of the top seven causes of security breaches. Besides the somewhat excusable reasons such as insufficient funding and unavailable IT personnel to manage outdated data protection technology, the most significant problem for many organisations is a failure to invest in competent and enthusiastic IT staff.

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